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A Procrastinator’s Guide to Making a Yearbook Quickly

A Procrastinator’s Guide to Making a Yearbook Quickly

Some people are perpetually early and some people perform better under the pressure of a deadline. If you are a yearbook advisor finding yourself in the latter category, we have good news: you still have time to create a yearbook! Use this guide to decide what kind of yearbook you’d like, then give us a call. Or, contact us first and we’ll help you decide what kind of book is best for your school.

1. Cover

You have three options when it comes to covers: Standard, Customizable Standard, and Design Your Own. When thinking about cover options, think about the art. If you have some particularly talented art students who would want their chance at designing the yearbook cover, you could hold a cover contest. However, if you’re running short on time, that might not be the best solution. Our pre-designed standard covers give a professional look to your book. Or, if you’d like to add some school spirit, some of our customizable standard covers let you insert your school colors. We even offer composite cover options which allow you to add pictures of your students and school for an even more customized feel. See more of our Cover Options!.

2. Binding

The binding of a yearbook is what attaches the pages together. Your binding options are different depending on if you’d like a soft back or hard back book. The hard back option is always the most durable and professional-looking, but some schools prefer soft cover. There are three soft cover binding options:

  • Saddle Stitch- this is the stapled binding option
  • Perfect Binding- this is similar to the way a magazine is bound. The pages are glued, which creates a flat spine.
  • Spiral Bound- this is a coil spiral binding that allows your book to lay open and flat.

More information about binding can be found here.

3. Customization

How you customize your book sets it apart from every other school’s. You can choose a lamination option that will give your cover more durability and a unique look and feel. You can add foil embossing to your school’s name on the cover and really let it shine. You can add an insert to your yearbook. Time Trek, for example, is an 8-page review on the newsworthy events that happened during the school year so you’ll be transported back to that year each time you flip through your yearbook. Take a look at all our Customization Options!

Who says you can’t wait until the last minute and still have great results? Give us a call at 1-800-451-0507 or click here to contact a yearbook representative.