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Appreciate a Teacher This Week!

teacher appreciation week

Teachers are so important they get a whole week to celebrate!  Teachers are guiding the next generation and have taken on the challenge to crawl through the mud and goo, get buried in paperwork, work long hours at school and home to be prepared, wipe away the blood, sweat and tears (sometimes even their own), brave the elements for recesses and dismissals, love those who can be so difficult, and do all they know to learn each student…all for those tiny moments when they see the light in a child’s eye that says “I get it!”   Because to quote Dr. Suess, “A Person’s a Person No Matter How Small!”  So, don’t miss your opportunity to give a little extra kudos to those men and women who put their hearts into helping every future adult know their potential and that they are so worth it!! At Inter-State Studio, you can nominate your favorite teacher to win our Teacher of the Year award.
To all you teachers out there:

 Thank You in Water color

for all you do and all you are!

Have and amazing day!!

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