Yerd Herd - Join Our Exclusive Yearbook Group | Inter-State Studio

Yerd Herd

Talk to your rep about joining Inter-State Studio’s exclusive yearbook group. When you join, we will send you a few extra items to help you sell yearbooks (and some just for fun). Find out what’s included below and how to use each item.

Yearbook Sales Tracker

Post the Yearbook Sales Tracker in the classroom or hallway to motivate students to either buy a yearbook or meet their sales goals.

Geo George Cling

Use social media to your advantage and make your yearbook a social masterpiece with the GeoGeorge Cling. Create an online campaign and have GeoGeorge show up at yearbook worthy events or have students who purchase a yearbook take a photo with GeoGeorge in their favorite place on the school grounds.

Yearbook Stickers & Wristbands

Okay, so we wanted to give you something just for fun, too! However, these are not without their benefits. Use the bracelets to promote the fact that yearbooks are for sale by wearing them around the school or outfit your yearbook staff with them. Use the wristbands or stickers as prizes for sales goals met.