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2017 Yearbook Resolutions

2017 Yearbook Resolutions

yearbook-resolutionsResolutions have sometimes gotten a bad reputation. Most of the articles we’ve read point to the fact that there can be  more than one time a year to improve your life and make changes. We  completely agree, and also think it’s never a bad time to check in and see where you are in your yearbook creation quest. Why not make a resolution to check your progress today?

Do you think you’ll be finished on time? Creating a yearbook is a time-sensitive project and you may be feeling that deadline pressure. If this applies to  you, consider asking for help. The earlier you ask, the better, as this will give people enough time to fit yearbook tasks into their schedules.

Do you have enough pictures? You might want to crowd-source for this task. Have students, parents, and faculty members submit photos they think are yearbook-worthy. Since smartphone cameras have gotten incredibly advanced and are in almost everyone’s pocket, you’re very likely to have some really great photos submitted for consideration.

If you could improve one thing about your yearbook, what would it be? ‘Tis the season of self-reflection so let’s translate this to yearbook reflection. Take a minute to imagine your yearbook is finished. If you could change one thing about this projected image, what would it be? If you’re re-thinking your sports page layout, fix it now while you have some time. Unsure about the subject matter for  your center spread? Get some input from the student body.

Reflect on these three questions to make your yearbook the best it can be. And, just like in your personal life, remember there are many opportunities to make improvements and make your yearbook creation quest happen as smoothly as possible. If you’re a veteran yearbook adviser, comment below with your favorite yearbook tips and tricks.