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    Our Mission – To Share the Power of a Smile

    When Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co. was founded, the concept was simple; take great photos of students for their school and parents. We have focused on providing quality photographs and services, as well as outstanding customer service since we were founded in 1933. Today, we are North America’s largest family-owned school photography and yearbook publishing company. With offices located in over 30 states, we are headquartered in Sedalia, Missouri, and have been proud to call it our home for over 90 years.


Founded in 1933 by Guy Snyder, Inter-State Studio & Publishing, Co. has a rich history of innovation. Learn more about the history of our company by clicking below.

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Whether it is fun contests for students and teachers or philanthropic efforts throughout the country, Inter-State Studio is constantly giving back. Learn more about our contests here.

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