School Yearbooks - Elementary, Middle & High School

School Yearbooks

Creating a school yearbooks can be a fun and rewarding experience. We are here to help support both new and veteran Yearbook Advisors with the tools and year-round service you need to build a memorable keepsake for each school year.

Logos For The Various Programs You Can Use To Customize Your Yearbook

Page Design Programs

Inter-State Studio is unlike any other yearbook company when it comes to design program options. We offer several software options that allow you the freedom to decide which program meets your skill level and needs when it comes to designing your yearbook.  Find out which yearbook design program is best for you!

Yearbook Covers

Choose an eye-catching cover that will set your yearbook apart from the rest. It’s easy! Either select one of our popular Standard Cover options from our gallery or design your own custom cover.  Keep in mind that some Standard Covers have some free customization options like selecting your school colors or uploading your own images.

Examples Of Various Yearbook Covers You Can Choose From
Examples Of Customization For Your Yearbook

Customize Your Yearbook

Browse through our popular yearbook options like lamination, binding, supplements, student personalization and more. A beautiful yearbook is all about the details and we have everything you need to make your yearbook stand out.

Themes & Design

Find all your yearbook inspiration here. If you are having a hard time visualizing your yearbook, let us help by showing you how to use a theme and create fun templates for your pages. We even provide a list of theme ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Themes & Design
2 Smiling Kids Huddled Over The Same Yearbook


If you find yourself in need of a helpful hand as you decide on a yearbook publisher or need assistance as you design your yearbook, we are here for you!  A representative will be able to answer any question you have, but we also will provide you with the tools you might need for each step of the yearbook process. Find your support material here.