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MIDDLE school yearbooks

Capture the most transformative moments of a young person’s life by creating unique and memorable middle school yearbooks. It will be something to treasure and look back on for years to come.

Logos For The Various Programs You Can Use To Customize Your Yearbook

design program options

Find out which of our yearbook design programs is the best fit for your school. We offer everything from fully-themed pages to fully-customized design. The choice is yours! Assign and lock pages in Pixami Yearbook Pro or let everyone work together in PLIC Books. We have four programs to choose from, so find out more about your options.

cover your yearbook

Find the perfect cover for your middle school yearbooks at Inter-State Studio. With different yearbook cover designs offered every year, you are sure to find something unique for your school. Choose from our 30 standard options or customize your own. Keep an eye out for our standard yearbook cover options that allow you to add pictures and/or school colors for free!

Examples Of Various Yearbook Covers You Can Choose From
Examples Of Customization For Your Yearbook

Customization & Personalization

The easiest way to make your yearbook stand out is to choose your binding, lamination, special features, student personalization and supplements. We offer many options to make your middle school yearbook one-of-a-kind.

Creative Yearbook Design & Themes

Need some help with page design? We want to provide you with ideas for current page layout and themes to help you get started. Use our backgrounds, borders and clipart to carry a look from cover to cover.

Creative Yearbook Design & Themes
2 Smiling Kids Huddled Over The Same Yearbook

Yearbook Help

We want you to have the support you need to start and finish your middle school yearbook project. That’s why you have a yearbook representative and tech support ready to help if you have questions. We want to make it easy!