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3 Tips For A Successful Yearbook Signing Party

Everyone loves a great party! Cake, punch, snacks, and great jokes go a long way towards entertaining the crowd. Speaking of great jokes, we’re a big fan of the one you see here. Yes, corny knee-slappers are our favorites. Judge us if you must. There are many ways you can ensure a great yearbook-signing party at your school, too. Here are 3 tips for a pun-dog-pun-husky-06successful yearbook-signing party.


  • Select the Most Optimal Time for the Party – If you want lots of people at your party, make sure it’s held when many can attend. Thirty minutes before school starts, lunch periods, and free periods tend to work best. Consult your school’s schedule to see what time works best for you.
  • Include Activities for Everyone – The biggest reason to throw these parties is to get students to purchase yearbooks. However, not everyone will be able to purchase one, and that’s OK! Games designed to collect signatures and comments fulfill the same purpose and can include all students.
  • Say Something Memorable – Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. It’s one that name-brand marketing uses every day to evoke memories from the past and convert that into purchases in the present. When students are writing in someone’s yearbook, remind them that this is something that will be shared with family and friends many years from now. The inside joke shared last week probably won’t be remembered as much as the strong emotional connections that have been forged. They should write like they’ll be reading it in 10 years. . . because they will!

These are our best tips for yearbook-signing parties. What tips do you have?