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3 ways to use your digital school picture

2020 is running away from us already! It’s hard to believe we’ve wrapped up the first full week of the year. Maybe you’ve been staring at that Hi-Res Image from your school picture purchase for a while now, and you’re still not sure what to do with it. Rather than make a New Year’s resolution to learn all things digital, we’ve put together 3 ways you can use your Hi-Res Image from last fall right now, or when you purchase it this spring! And remember, when you purchased your Hi-Res Image, you received a copyright release. It’s yours to share wherever and however you like!

Young girl in a pink dress posing for her digital school picture
  1. Social Media – Want to show off your child’s smile? This is the format to use! Just upload it to your social media service of choice and share away. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or whatever other service you want to use it will automatically resize it to the proper dimensions and you’ll be able to use your Hi-Res Image on your favorite platform.
  2. Email – Have a family newsletter you want to post your kiddo’s latest school picture in? Or just want to make sure grandma gets this year’s photo? Attach the file in your email and click send! 
  3. Text – Email isn’t fast enough? No one wants to wait anymore and they just want it on their phone anyway, right? Send your Hi-Res Image to them via text message! 

Still need to download your Hi-Res photo! Log in and start sharing today!