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5 Key Page Types To Include In Your Yearbook

5 Key Page Types To Include In Your Yearbook

If you’re new to yearbook preparation, there are five categories you must include in the overall design. Class photos, class projects, athletics, extracurricular activities, and autograph pages are essential for a spectacular school yearbook. 

1. Class Photos

When you receive your yearbook, what’s the first thing you do? Why turn to your class page to see your photo, of course.

Individual student photos by class and grade are the most important elements of every yearbook. Whether in Kindergarten or a Senior in High School, students want to see their photos first. 

Yearbook memories are made by remembering classmates, teachers, and the administration. Consider having a particular page that focuses explicitly on the upcoming graduates too.

2. Academic Projects

Although yearbooks may include a double-page spread about the year’s Science Fair, very little mention is made of other academic achievements. Be sure to highlight additional projects and academic awards.

Did one class take an exciting field trip? Make sure you include candid photos. Other mentions could be the school-wide recycling project or an interactive study in history class. 

Learning is part of the fun. Remind students of the incredible opportunity they had to learn even more. 

3. Athletics

Covering school athletics is a must for a quality yearbook. The section should spotlight each sport’s team and individual athletes. First-rate photos of games and activities add excitement.

Don’t focus only on last year’s teams. Feature graduating athletes and their future athletic plans. Does a team have a particular song that gets them ready or another pre-game ritual? Add unusual stories and facts.

Of course, mention winning scores, championships, and any other awards.

4. Extracurricular 

There’s more to school life than academics and athletics. Extracurricular clubs such as drama, debate, marching band, and astronomy are vital to school life. Not only do they focus on students’ interests, but they show the variety of activities your school provides. 

Rather than just adding a photo of club members, find exciting ways to highlight their activities. This section is excellent for using emojis, symbols, collages, and different design techniques. It’s also a great place to feature current student trends.

5. Autograph Pages

What’s a yearbook without places to sign your name and leave special messages? Empty pages seem like a waste of material, but offering a specific area to autograph the book keeps it clean.  

A signature page is a wonderful way to end your yearbook. Leave the page blank or dress it up with boxes, stars, or other symbols to be filled in.

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