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5 Tips For Writing Captions For Photographs

captionsA picture is worth 1,000 words as the saying goes, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your yearbook photographs without a few words. Some of the most iconic photographs in history still require a bit of context once the moment in which they were captured begins to fade from memory. Your yearbook photos won’t be different. Here are a few tips on how to make those captions effective.

1. Be Bold

Don’t hold back! These are memories people will look back on decades down the line. Use language that is sure to evoke those memories and bring them right back to the moment that photograph was taken.

2. Be Concise

Remember. This is a caption, not an article. Articulate your point quickly and clearly. There’s no need to tell the entire backstory. Just explain what’s happening in the image.

3. Details Matter

If there are details in the picture that make all the difference, point them out. People won’t want to play a game of hide and seek 30 years down the line to understand a joke in your caption.

4. Be Inclusive

Reference everyone included in the photo. For some it could be their only photo, other than their class picture. They may not care in that moment but people change and they’ll want to be a part of it later in life.

5. Be Creative

Have fun with your captions. The best part of reminiscing is the smile that comes along with it. If your captions are dry and boring the trip down memory lane will quickly become a slog and the hard work you’ve put in will be for naught.

Captions are the perfect way to add to your article when you can’t find the right spot to say what you’d like to say. Use them to your advantage to paint a full picture of what you’re trying to say! Need some help? Contact us today!