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6 Image Websites for Yearbook Design

Building exciting yearbook pages takes creativity, a lot of thought and most of all, resources. If you have a theme in mind for your yearbook, you may have very specific ideas about how to design your pages to go along with that theme.

Inter-State offers an abundance of clipart and backgrounds that complement your cover, but if you are looking for more options, here are some websites that you might like.
yearbook design free image websites
Remember, all sites have their own restrictions on the use of the images, so make sure you are following their guidelines before you include them in your yearbook design.

  1. Creative Commons. Helps you track down media from several other sites. It’s a great way to start your search since it is so collective. Check the restrictions though. Each image and website has limitations on usage.
  2. Pixabay. This website offers images that are license-free and can be used without attribution or asking permission. There is even a huge selection of vector graphics that you can download.
  3. openclipart. This is a great site for schools, since it has no restrictions on the use of the art, and images are free.
  4. Shutterstock. If you are looking for a large variety of images, but are having trouble finding what you need, you might consider using a site like Shutterstock, where you can purchase as many images as you want. Yes, there is an up-front cost, but there are more images available, and they come in a variety of file formats.
  5. iStock. Very similar to Shutterstock, iStock offers a large inventory of images, both photographic and illustrative. The main difference is the price structure: iStock is credit-based, while Shutterstock is priced by photo.
  6. iCLIPART for Schools. Images can be purchased individually, through a subscription or with extended license. View their website to get an idea of pricing and contact them directly. They do give discounts to educational institutions and multiple users.

Last week we walked through the process of uploading your own images into the Inter-State Wizard yearbook design program. If you are a user,  follow the steps to upload your images.