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A Little Bit About the Blog Roll

Hello There Moms!

So, if you read my bio you saw that I am really into saving money as my way to add to the family cash pot- or at least slow the depletion of it.  Among other random thoughts or happenings I’m sure I will share, I wanted to let you in on some ways that I save. There are so many savings out there, and I am always learning more, so today I will focus on the links listed in our Blog Roll on the right hand side of our site.

1st – AllYou.com

This is the website for the magazine All You, which is one of my favorites!! It is loaded with great coupons, money saving tips, inexpensive recipes,  cost effective cooking, fashion, decorating and cleaning tips, and much more.  Deals periodically pop up to get this magazine pretty inexpensively.  Back to the website… It is loaded with many of the same types of information as the magazine including coupons (but not the same ones as in the magazine).  One of my favorite elements of this website is that is has a free daily sample that can be emailed directly to you.  For example, not long ago the sample was a free bag of Lindt Lindor Truffles!!  Yum!  Also, the site is updated daily with the best coupons and deals which can also be tailored to your city!!

2nd – CouponMom.com

This website has a very comprehensive coupon data base including printable, weekly newspaper coupon circulars, magazines,  peelies (the coupons stuck the side of a product), and much more.  Also, it will give you the weekly deal breakdown-combining sales and coupons to maximize your savings-  from a number of stores.  The author of this website has been on TV many times showing everyone how it’s done!   This is a very extensive website.

3rd – Couponing101

While it contains similar information as couponmom.com, I  prefer the layout of this site better.  The mom on this site shares my feelings on faith, family, food, and frugal living.  I also am able to view and understand her daily deals, weekly deal matchups and coupon data base a little better than other sites.  This is the site I frequent the most.

4th – P&G

(Proctor and Gambles savings site) – This is just one great example of a product website that gives coupons.  Many times looking up the manufacturer of the products you plan to purchase is a great way to score coupons. Sometimes you can print them, but other times they want to email or even mail coupon books to you. For this reason,  I like to visit them every so often to see if any new coupons have been issued and make sure I am signed up to receive everything they offer.  Proctor and Gamble has a great manufacturer site.  The company also prints a newspaper circular  about every 4 weeks.

5th – RetailMeNot.com

This site is wonderful for in store coupons.  For example,  love Papa Murphy’s pizza for that occasional splurge. If I go to this site and search Papa Murphy’s, current coupons will be listed along with the success rate of each coupon. Some of these coupons can be printed and some are for online use.  This site displays coupons of thousands of stores and is a great resource!
Now you know a little more about our current Blogroll.  I will be writing soon with some more great money saving tips, so be sure to check back often!

Have an awesome day!

– Candi

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