Teacher of the Year Winners - 2019 | Inter-State Studio

Congratulations to our 2019 Teacher of the Year!

Teacher of the Year

Teacher of the Year

Cindy Bettinger

Art and Music for grades 5th – 12th
Charis Christian Academy

“Our school cannot afford to hire an art and music teacher. Mrs. B (as the kids call her) has volunteered the last four years to teach art and music without pay and without a supply budget. She has sacrificed her time and money to cultivate the creative and musical talent within each of our students. Students often say, “I can’t sing. I can’t draw.” Mrs. B’s response is always, “Yes you can. It’s in you.” I have witnessed many students awaken to their “hidden” talent and produce beautiful masterpieces; shy students stand on stage before an audience and sing amazingly. All because of the love, support, and commitment of Mrs. B. There is not a person on the planet more deserving of the “Teacher of the Year” award than our Cindy Bettinger.” Michael Loy – Administrator

Peer Division Winner

Steffanie Davis

Language- 6th grade
Brown County Intermediate School

“Mrs. Davis is such a giving person. She has a way of seeking out those students who are struggling not only in class but at home as well. Mrs. Davis insures that they are receiving not only extra academic needs, but personal needs as well. If a student needs shoes, she gets them. If they need clothes, she gets them. At Christmas she helped several families, not only from her own class but students from our entire school and she will never take credit for her donations. With budget cuts, we no longer have a school librarian, so she spends several hours after school in the library to make sure it stays open for our kids. She is a Class Act !!!!”  Debbie Hilligoss – Administrative Assistant

Peer Division Winner
Student Division Winner

Student Division Winner

Vicki Murphy

Middle School Math and Science
St. Rose of Lima

“Mrs. Murphy is an amazing and inspiring teacher. She was a nurse, but felt called to be a teacher and went back to school. After a few years of teaching, she discovered she had throat cancer and had to have emergency surgery to save her life. This left her unable to speak without the assistance of a microphone. Most people would have probably quit teaching, but not Mrs. Murphy! We all have a special relationship with Mrs. Murphy and she inspires us to become good people.
She goes above and beyond every day and makes the best out of it. She always tries to make learning hands on and fun. She pays out of her own pocket for all the cool projects we get to do. We have a small school that can’t always pay for it, so Mrs. Murphy does.” Gabriella Sejas – Student