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Christmas in July- Square Glass Photo Ornaments

It amazes me every year how early Christmas items start filling store shelves!  I was Square glass Christmas Ornamentrecently walking through Hobby Lobby and these little gems caught my eye!  When I have decorated ornaments in the past it has proven to be a little bit of a difficult task to use
pictures in ornaments because the round surfaces make it hard for the pictures to adhere to the outside. Square glass Christmas Ornament

 These particular ornaments are square with a flat front and back and rounded edges so pictures stick easier. Also, they just happened to be the perfect size to use the Photo Clings. Check out some of these super quick and easy ideas!

Square glass Christmas OrnamentOrnament 1:  For my son’s ornament I chose to use gold, black and white in honor of our favorite college team- the Missouri Tigers!  

What you need: Square glass ornament, Glitter Glue, a Photo Cling, a little water, Washi Tape, an old cup, and a spoon.

What to do:

  1.  In an old cup, mix 1 TBSP water with 2 TBSP Glue.
  2. Pour the glue mixture in the ornament and move it around to coat all of the inside.
  3. Set the ornament upside down in the old cup overnight so the glue can dry as the excess runs out.
  4. Place your Photo Cling on the front of the ornament.
  5. Embellish with Washi tape.

Square Glass OrnamentSquare Glass Ornament

Ornament 2: My younger daughter has been obsessed with the ocean since I took her to see my dad on the Mississippi gulf coast for the 1st time 6 years ago! So, I created an ocean themed ornament for her.

What you need: Square glass ornament,  a Photo Cling, sand, shells/ coral, and ribbon.

What to do:

  1.  Put sand, shells and coral in the ornament and replace lid.
  2. Place Photo Cling on front of ornament.
  3. Tie a Ribbon around the top of the ornament.

Square Photo Ornament
Square Photo OrnamentOrnament 3: For my oldest daughter,  I thought I would give her a more sophisticated and delicate looking ornament.

What you need: Square glass ornament,  a Photo Cling, White feathers (I pulled mine out of a dress up boa), white glittery Washi tape, Gold Ribbon and a Gold Paint Pen.

What to do:

  1.  Put feathers in the ornament and replace lid.
  2. Place Photo Cling on the front of the ornament.
  3. Free hand a simple design around the Photo Cling with the paint pen.
  4. Wrap Washi tape around the top of the ornament and tie the ribbon on top of the Washi Tape.

Square Photo Ornament

Happy crafting on a little early Christmas prep!