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Collecting Yearbook Photos & Gathering Content

Remote Learning Collecting yearbook photos and gathering content may look a little different this year.  Are your students going to school in the classroom, virtual, or mix this year?  We understand the uncertainty and challenges that our Yearbook Advisors are facing this school year with gathering content and collecting yearbook photos.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP!  Our Virtual School Yearbook Guide is full of fresh ideas and content to help fill your yearbook with memorable content that your students will treasure and look back on for years to come! 

When it comes to gathering images, that process may work a little differently this year.  Here are our top three methods to tackling this task! 

Ask teachers for help in collecting photos and content.  

Teachers often have great communication methods set up with parents. They can easily ask for parents to share fun, at-home learning pictures of their students. 

Use photos from your school’s social media accounts. 

School and school districts are really great at documenting the work of their students on their social media pages.  These are great places to pull images and content from. 

Most of our design software options have the ability to share a link. 

Share this link with your school community to have them directly upload photos into your chosen yearbook design program.  If you need help with finding or using this link, please reach out to your Yearbook Representative. 

The key to making a great yearbook in this ever-changing year is to plan ahead!  Figure out what content and how much content you will need to fill your yearbook.  If you haven’t already used our Yearbook Page Ladder to plan out the pages in your yearbook- this will help reduce your stress and workload later in the year!  

To help plan, design, and sell your yearbook visit our Yearbook Toolbox for more information, ideas, tools & tips!  We look forward to seeing your finished yearbook this spring! 

Happy Yearbooking!