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How to Sell Yearbooks Fast?

Inter-State Studio has the tools to help you sell yearbooks fast.

Inter-State Studio is here to support you throughout the yearbook sales process and to help you sell yearbooks fast.  We have several tools to help promote yearbook sales and easily track yearbook sales.


The Online Yearbook Sales Tracker

When you need to sell yearbooks fast, you will also need a quick way to track and manage those sales.  With Inter-State Studio’s custom sales site, we help manage it for you. This online tool gives you, the advisor, the capability to:

  • Easily Review Online Sales
  • Record Flyer Sales & Payments
  • View a Summary of All Sales
  • Run & Export Reports


Yearbook Marketing Materials

The key to selling yearbooks fast is to make sure students and parents know they are on sale.  Inter-State provides marketing materials to the school that aim at increasing sales your yearbook sales.  They are the perfect foundation to start you sales campaign. These items include: Order Flyers, Hall Posters and Stickers.  


Yearbook Graphics

Inter-State offers a wide variety of graphics for you to use on social media posts, your school website, emails, hallway monitors and more!  All these items have been developed as tools that will help you sell yearbooks fast and easily.


Email Templates

We have found email communication is a very effective and easy tool for boosting and selling yearbooks fast.  If you are having trouble finding the best words to use to remind parents that yearbooks are on sale, download a quick and easy email template to paste into your email tool here.


Offer Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing is also a tried and true method found to sell yearbooks fast and bolster those early sells by offering a discount if books are purchased by a certain date.   


Offer Incentives

Who doesn’t like being rewarded?  Especially if it means you sell yearbooks faster.   Offer an incentive like pizza or ice cream parties to the class that has the highest percentage of yearbook sales.


School Event Nights

Pick a few of the busiest or most popular events at your school and set up a table to sell yearbooks.  When you are talking directly to the parent you will be able to increase yearbooks sales fast.



When needing to sell yearbooks, start early in the year with your sales campaign.  Excitement for the school year has just started and let this excitement help you sell yearbooks fast.  

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