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How To Sign Yearbooks?

Plan Your School’s Yearbook Signing Party

Is there any better way to celebrate the end of the school year than to sign yearbooks during a yearbook signing party? It’s the perfect time for your school community to reflect back on the memories, friendships and good times that were had throughout the school year.  

We have a few tips for you to consider when planning your party!


Theme Your Yearbook Signing Party.  

Does your yearbook or school year have a distinctive theme?  Consider using the theme to tie into your Yearbook Signing Party.  Need help with creating a theme check out our ideas here.


Reserve a Space Inside the School.

Find a large enough space within your school to host the yearbook signing party. Will you have multiple grades attending at once?  Or will each grade have their own designated time? Think about these types of items before finding the perfect spot to reserve for your party.  


Block Out a Day and Time.

Your yearbook signing party should coincide with your yearbooks distribution day.  Make sure you schedule your yearbook party ahead of time.


Refreshments & Snacks.

What better way to sign yearbooks than with some simple refreshments and snacks on hand.   Think about decorating your refreshment table with cute messages to help inspire students.


Encourage Students to Write Memorable Messages When They Sign Yearbooks.  

Remind students the messages written today will be read for a lifetime and shared with family and friends.  Shy away from inside jokes as they probably won’t be remembered far into the future. Writing about memories and friendships made are impactful messages that will last a lifetime.


Have Autograph Supplements Available.

If every student didn’t receive a yearbook copy have supplements or blank paper available for them to use.  Everyone can then participate in signing yearbooks and sharing those memorable school year moments. Interested in ordering autograph supplements, contact us here.