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Look no further, we’ve got answers.

How can I order online?

Ordering online is easy!  Visit us at inter-state.com/order and enter your order code that is provided on the inside of your order flyer to continue on to the ordering process.  Online ordering allows parents to choose additional options and styles to further personalize a child’s portrait.

What if I can’t find my oder code?

Not a problem!  Look up your order code here.

Can I oreder additional prints?

Of Course!  Additional prints are available through our online ordering process.  Included in your picture package will e a reorder slip that contains your child’s reorder code.

How long do we keep our images on file?

Our images stay on file for approximately 18 months.  This allows parents the opportunity to order additional prints.

When will my order ship?

Orders placed prior to Picture Day will be shipped to the school approximately 3 weeks after Picture Day.  Orders placed online after Picture Day will ship to your home in approximately 1 to 3 weeks.

Does picture day benefit my school?

Inter-State Studio is proud to partner with your school.  We provide many innovative products, such as Student Recognition Programs, Student/Faculty/Staff IDs, a Total School Portrait, Yearbook CDs, and a variety of other products and services to our schools.  Talk with your school or Sales Representative to learn more about how we partner directly with your school!

What do I do if my child needs a retake?

On Retake Day, return the original picture package to the photographer.  The photographer will retake your child’s picture.  We will produce the same picture package that was originally ordered, using the retake picture.  New picture packages will be delivered to the school. Re-Takes are only available in the Fall.

On a Side Note: If you receive a class picture or yearbook with your original order, please keep these items.  They will not be included in the new picture package.

I ordered a class picture and it wasn’t included in my picture pack?

No worries! Class pictures are generally delivered separately from your picture package.  They usually ship after retake day to provide the opportunity for each student to be included.

Still feeling stuck?

Feel free to contact your local Sales Representative or chat with one of our Customer Service Representatives online at inter-state.com/support.