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Get Social and Sell: 5 Must-Do’s When Selling Yearbook Ads

Ad pages are amazing. Ad pages can help cover the cost of your yearbook, contribute to school funds, and ads sold early in the year can help you afford a deluxe yearbook. Think about it this way, if you sell enough yearbook ads, you can offset the cost of your individual yearbook price significantly- which means more copies sold. More copies sold = more yearbook budget for next year or finally being able to afford that new camera you’ve had your eye on.

Use your school’s social media accounts to get the word out. There are two types of people who will be interested in purchasing your yearbook ads: families and businesses.
Personal Ads (aimed at families of students)personal-page-ad_v3

  1. There are several ways to structure these ads to fit your particular yearbook design and also to fit a variety of family budgets. Let them know about their options: Single-Line Ads, Full-Page Ads, Half-Page Ads, and Quarter-Page Ads. Post examples on Facebook  and Instagram.
  2. Offer a special price for ads that are purchased early. Reach out to graduating class members and parents individually through an instant message on any social platform.
  3. If offering picture ads, make sure to give specific dimensions and resolutions for pictures and inform them about deadline dates. Allow them to use pictures from social media as well as class photos.

Business Adsuntitled-design-1
4. Message local businesses directly at least once. It’s likely they won’t think about inquiring, but will be willing to participate if they are asked. Let them know you’re giving businesses in the area an opportunity to reach local students and parents with a message, while supporting your yearbook and school. It’s a win-win for both your school and the business.
5. Make personal visits to the place of business in addition to sending an email and making a phone call. Send along paperwork showing different ad options. Your sales team will see the difference. Use this as an opportunity to teach your students about sales by setting a goal for them to reach. Prepare your sales team with a script for approaching local businesses.
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