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Green Screen Technology

Green Screen Technology

Inter-State Imaging Services has been at the forefront of volume green screen technology.  At no additional cost, you can increase your sales by offering parents the choice of over 62 stock and custom backgrounds.  Our exclusive School Pride program allows for custom backgrounds using photographs of schools and community landmarks!  If the school you are servicing would rather feature their school colors, logo or crest for a background, our team of graphic designers have you covered with a custom style.

0% Commission Fees

Increase profitability from your online sales by using our online store.  Inter-State Imaging Services charges 0% commission fees for early sales, late orders and really late orders up to 2 years.  Online sales are promoted by Pre-Picture Day emails, on the flyers, Image Direct proofing for all non-buyers and on our second chance notices.   That’s over 8 touchpoints for each parent!

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Camdex Image Capture Software

Camdex Image Capture Software

Inter-State Imaging proprietary image capture software is free to our affiliates.  The software is designed to be easy to use and easy to train.

Our affiliates feel secure because Camdex has a process that will

  • Verify custom white balance at the school

  • Verify proper exposure

  • Manage camera dust

  • Match data to the student’s image

  • Provide instant reporting on any missing data required for picture packages and services for all your photographers

Email Communication

At no charge, Inter-State Imaging Services will promote picture day and online ordering.  The last email will contain a proof for the parent to view.  This is a service we provide to all of our affiliates that are able to obtain email addresses from their schools.

Email Communication
Increase Participation

Increase Participation

You have already done the hard part by signing the school. Now allow us to support you in maximizing your sales.  Not everyone purchases pictures the same way; some pay in cash, others checks, most purchase online and some want to see the image before they purchase.  We have created the means and processes to accept payments for all the various ways parents want to pay for pictures.

Sales Support

Want to increase your business and gain more schools? We can help by providing telemarketing to your prospects, one-on-one sales training or group training and we have some of the best marketing material in the industry.  We can help you best position yourself against your competitors and support you on district bids.

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Studio Branding

Studio Branding

We understand the importance of branding to your customers, and we support you by branding your picture packages, online store, Thank You and 2nd Chance package inserts, and your personal information on prepay flyers.  

Customer Feedback

I just finished a 3-day photo session and everything went extremely well.  So happy with the new update in Camdex.  I entered Live, just like always.  I made one little error and couldn’t figure out how to fix it, so I text a photo manager, with no particular rush to answer.  The same day, she made a 57-second video, uploaded it, and texted me the link.  With customer service like this, I wish I had more schools!  As an added bonus, their support team is always a real treat to work with!


Thank you all for all your support! I know I’m a very small account but I sure appreciate you taking care of me.



Curtie H.

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