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Inter-State Imaging Services supports all your operational and service needs with our turn-key systems. We are the Premier Partner for Volume School Photographers and are ready to help you launch your business to the next level.

Green Screen Technology

Green Screen Technology

Inter-State Imaging Services is at the forefront of volume Green Screen technology. We have a multi-step knockout process, ending with our technicians manually viewing each of your images. Knockout and background replacement is complimentary for all service images. You only pay for knockouts on purchased picture packages and digital downloads.

0% Commission Fees

Inter-State Imaging charges 0% fees for all online sales. 

To maximize your online sales we have a promotional campaign for all types of programs:

  • Proof – In as little as 48 hours of submitting the images to the lab, digital images will be emailed to the parent. This is the first in a progressive series of three emails sent following Picture Day.
  • Prepay – Unique online code printed on your notices and flyers.
  • Hybrid – The best way to maximize your sales and participation! This consists of a maximum of four email communications prior to Picture Day containing the online code, the code printed on all flyers, a digital proof sent home in as little as 48 hours to all non-buyers and again 5 days later.

*Note: All of our Second Chance, Thank You Slip promotions and all late orders have 0% fees associated with them.


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Camdex Image Capture Software

Camdex Image Capture Software

Our proprietary image capture software, Camdex, is free to our customers. This software is designed to be easy to use, train and free you from post production work. Our customers appreciate the value Camdex adds including:

  • Proper exposure verification
  • Camera dust identification
  • Accurate student data to image matching
  • Instant reporting on any missing data required for school services and picture packages
  • Ability to upload the job to the lab from the school
  • Ability to print instant ID cards and same-day images for the school’s admin program

Enhanced Communication

Communication is key to any successful picture program. Inter-State Imaging Services communicates Picture Day information to schools and families by sending emails containing Picture Day notifications directly to the parents. Following Picture Day, we email parents a direct link to their child’s Picture Day image while the excitement is still high! Our customers enjoy the availability of enhanced marketing through pre-Picture Day emails to the parents. If your goal is to grow and maintain participation levels, this complimentary service will do that for you.

Enhanced Communication
Increased Participation

Increased Participation

You have already done the hard part by signing the school. Now allow us to support you in maximizing your sales.  Not everyone purchases pictures the same way; some pay in cash, others checks, most purchase online and some want to see the image before they purchase.  We have created the means and processes to accept payments for all the various ways parents want to pay for pictures.

Sales Support

Customers of Inter-State Imaging have the best of both worlds; the combination of your local service and the reliability of the second largest volume school picture lab in the country. This is a difficult team for any school to turn down. We allow access to all our professional marketing material, and in addition, sales training and guidance upon request.

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Studio Branding

Studio Branding

We are focused on supporting you—our customer and your business. We understand the importance of branding and having your studio name in front of your customers. That is why we present your studio name and logo on all printed marketing material, your online store and on the back of every picture package.

Customer Feedback

I just finished a 3-day photo session and everything went extremely well.  So happy with the new update in Camdex.  I entered Live, just like always.  I made one little error and couldn’t figure out how to fix it, so I text a photo manager, with no particular rush to answer.  The same day, she made a 57-second video, uploaded it, and texted me the link.  With customer service like this, I wish I had more schools!  As an added bonus, their support team is always a real treat to work with!


Thank you all for all your support! I know I’m a very small account but I sure appreciate you taking care of me.



Curtie H.

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