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Is Your Yearbook Design Program Working for You?

Is Your Yearbook Design Program Working for You?

Inter-State Studio understands that our yearbook advisors don’t always fit into a single category and they need choices to make their yearbook experience the best it can be!  When it comes to choices, we have you covered! We offer over 30 free cover designs, several choices of one-of-a kind cover upgrades and, most importantly, choices when it comes to yearbook design programs!  

We know that not all yearbook advisors have the same design-skill levels or the same wants and needs when it comes to yearbook design programs.  Inter-State Studio leads the market with the widest variety of design program options offered to yearbook advisors. 

Have you been wondering if there is a better design program option out there for you?  Curious about a change? Just want to browse around? No matter what you need or want in a yearbook design program, we have the answer for you!   

Our program options range from beginner to advanced and everything in-between!  Take a look below to find out a little more about each program option! To learn more in-depth about a particular program or to watch a demo video visit us online click here.

elementary school yearbooks online

PLIC Books is our most popular design program option!

What Makes It Great?

  • Cloud-Based
  • Real-Time Page Design
  • Easy Candid Submission
  • Auto-Magic Layouts
  • Seamless and User-Friendly Interface


yearbook maker

Pixami was built with yearbook advisors in mind!

What Makes It Great?

  • Compatible on More Device Types
  • Easy Online Collaboration
  • Effective User-Management
  • Fully Themed Page Designs
  • Perfect Combination of Organization and Creation
high school yearbooks online

Yearbook Fusion allows for a more advanced style of page design!

What Makes It Great?

  • More Tools for Complex Design
  • Multiple Ways to Upload Images
  • Effective User-Management Tools
  • Create and Save Custom Templates
yearbook creator

Enjoy design freedom with our D300 Program!

What Makes It Great?

  • Creative Freedom
  • Use Your Own Familiar Software
  • You Create and We Support