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Let’s Talk Yearbook Covers

Let’s Talk Yearbook Covers

When you’re shopping for a yearbook company, yearbook cover selections can make or break that decision. Most of our blogs give information and, while comments are always welcome, this one is a little different. We’re encouraging you to comment below and have your voice heard. We want to know what you want in cover selections. So let’s talk about yearbook covers!

A Decision Made for You?

If you’re the yearbook adviser for a military, religious, or magnet school, you may feel like your yearbook cover choices are slimmer than those for public schools. How do you like to reflect your school’s spirit and identity on the cover of your yearbook? What would you like to see from us?

The Must-Haves.

A cover is a lot of things: it’s the first impression of your yearbook, it captures the spirit of your students and staff, and it pulls the theme of your yearbook together. What is something you must have in a yearbook cover? Maybe you need the option to add foil and make it shine, maybe you have to uphold the tradition of including a picture of your mascot on your cover, maybe every yearbook since 1970-something has had an American flag theme and it would feel wrong to stray from this. Are any of these examples like the challenges you face? We want to hear about it.

The Trendy, The Trending, and The Trendiest.

We like to think we’re hip. We like to follow yearbook cover trends on Pinterest, try to understand what the kids are saying these days, and avoid what is not cool anymore (we’re still not throwing away those scrunchies). But guess what? We aren’t always the first to know about a trend, but you might be! What are some trends you would like to see in our yearbook covers? What’s new and interesting today might just become a new classic, so spill it! Let us know.

You can comment about any of the questions above by posting a comment below. We’d also like to take a minute to say thank you to everyone who participated in our cover survey. Your voices were heard; we took the time to read each and every one and we will do the same for the comments. Thank you for reading and thank you for commenting!