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Making Your Yearbook Perfect

Making Your Yearbook Perfect

The longer you are out of school, the more your yearbooks become more than just a “book of pictures.” As time passes, faces fade away, and so do the memories and the feelings you had throughout the school year. Other things become more important to you, and your school memories begin to blur in your mind.

Yearbooks become a glimpse into your past and are always waiting for you to pick them up to reminiscence over the times of your life. At this moment, everything recorded on those pages speaks the truth, whether or not it was true on the day you received it.

Time spent proofreading your yearbook will be indispensable. We can help guide you through the process.

Double-check names.

Find that list of the student body and faculty in order to check the spelling of names in your captions and stories.

Enhance clarity and meaning.

Don’t use the same words every time. Look up different synonyms to make your writing more interesting.


Correctness with facts, figures, and proper names are crucial. In addition to reviewing for proper spelling and usage, make sure that all the information in your text is accurate.

One error at a time.

Do one check for spelling, another for missing/additional spaces, grammar, consistency of word usage, font sizes, and such.

Take turns reading.

Send the document to a partner and keep a copy for yourself. Take turns reading it out loud to each other. While one of you reads, the other can follow along to catch errors and phrases that don’t sound right.

Use a ladder.

A ladder outlines the content of the entire yearbook, alongside stories and color.    

Walk away.

Having fresh eyes is always a good idea. When you look at the same thing for too long, you may start to overlook minor details. Take a short break; the yearbook will still be there when you return.

For additional tips, check out our yearbook project checklist.
At Inter-State Studio, we understand the desire to create a perfect, mistake-free yearbook so that years from now you can look back and know that everything is right. We are here to make sure you have a flawless yearbook now and when the nostalgia kicks in years from now.