New Year, New Yearbook Features • Inter-State Studio

New Year, New Yearbook Features. Oh, the changes we have made!

You have been busy working on your yearbooks all year, and so have we! We strive to give you the best yearbook experience we can give, and that means making updates and changes from year to year. Here are a few new yearbook features and products that we have introduced over the past year, so you can take advantage of the latest and greatest offered by Inter-State yearbook features

Yerd Herd Kit

Not only do you receive a yearbook kit when you begin your yearbook project, but this year we wanted to add the fun back into yearbook class. You can now opt in for our cool new Yerd Herd Kit. It has fun stuff like wrist bands and fashion glasses for your group, so you can look like the incredible team that you are! Check out George (our mascot) decked out in some of the Yerd Herd gear.

Cover Selector

When you receive your yearbook production kit, you receive information about how to start your yearbook. This year, we are offering a new piece to show you standard cover choices available. Some covers are what we call customizable standard. This means you can add pictures and/or school color(s) to the cover. The Cover Selector shows you your options.

Quick Start Guide

We thought it might be helpful to include a simple guide to help you navigate the yearbook design programs we offer. This year, if you are using the Wizard or Fusion programs, you will receive a Quick Start Guide in your kit. It will walk you through the process of beginning your yearbook project. It’s also a great way to see if there are extra tools within the program that you can use or to discover new yearbook features.

Shorter Production Time for Hardback Yearbooks

We were able to review our production process over the course of the year, and find efficiencies for Hardback books. That means shorter production time offered to you! Hardbacks can now be produced a week faster than previously possible.  

We Upload Class Photos for You

This year we wanted to help clear your plate so you can focus on designing your yearbook. To help you do this, when you use Fusion and send us your PSPA disk, we will upload the class photos into the design program for you. It’s easy to do, and it’s another great reason why using Inter-State Studio is the convenient option for you. Hey! While you’re at it, order your student planners through us, too. You can get a great deal when you order both your yearbook & planners through us.