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Order Due Date

What happens if the order due date indicated on the proof flyers passes before flyers can be distributed or doesn’t allow enough time for parents to order?

If for any reason Proof Flyers do not get delivered to your school or distributed to students before the Order Due Date indicated on the inside of the flyers, orders can still be submitted via the payment envelope attached to the Proof Flyer or by using our easy online ordering process.


STEP ONE:  Figure out a new Order Due Date. To calculate the new date, figure 5-7 days from the day you plan to have the Proof Flyers distributed to students. This will be your new Order Due Date.

STEP TWO: Communicate the new date with your school community/parents. Also, making sure we inform them to disregard the due date printed on the inside of the flyer they will soon be receiving. Email or a text message to your parent contact list are very effective ways to communicate the change in due date.

STEP THREE: Contact your Local Inter-State Studio Sales Representative to communicate this new date with him or her, so they know approximately when to stop by your school to collect orders.


If you have any questions or need help with this process, please feel free to contact your local Sales Representative.