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It’s that time again!  Kiddos are going back to school, crazy  Fall sports schedules Girls swinging at summer's endare starting and structure is begrudgingly being put back in place. Since my kids started school, I’ve gone back and forth about rather or not I am ready for them to return to spending more time at school than with me after a fun summer together.  This year, I am overwhelmingly NOT ready.  They have:

  • Fought like cats and dogs (because karate kicking your sister in the gut is cool in our house…not)
  • Gotten super diva sassy with me (with hand on a hip that is popped out, full head bobbing, kissy duck face, snapping a diva Z in my face… Yeah, I, was shocked too!)
  • Broken our belongings (if you throw pizza in the chimenea, the 55 lb dog will dive into it face first into it smashing it to the ground!  FOOD+ Big Dog= Big Mess!)
  • Made incredible messes (that they apparently think a magic cleaning fairy will fly her little pixie wings to our house and will, in full sparkle magic mode, make it all disappear)

But they have also:

  • Joined me in my passions (my oldest came with me to the gym at 6:00 in the morning, engaged in baseketball and volleyball chatter, and hung out with me at length in our craft room)
  • Taken care of me when I tore a tendon in my ankle (Because sometimes Mommys get hurt too!)
  • Worked along side of me to prepare for Bible School (I’m talking ladders, hot glue, carrying, painting, running errands, etc. for a couple of weeks with a mom  that ended up on crutches kinda help!)
  • Covered me in hugs and kisses and infinite love!
  • And along with their amazing friends, filled my house full of energy, excitement, and giggles!

In the last week or so, especially since I have been laid up with an injury, I have had plenty of time to reflect.  To sit back and watch my kids play and interact with each other and their friends. To realize how much my kids are growing and maturing, and realizing my oldest is getting so tall she can almost look me in the eye.  Those rough (let’s just call them “teaching”) moments and the messy house, are outweighed by the amazingness of watching these young individuals grow into the awesome people they are becoming. So, am I ready for them to go back to school…nope. But I am beyond thankful for the time over the summer that allowed them to deepen their roots at home, continuing to prepare them to grow wings as they become more and more independent.  With that said, Sayonara Summer! Thanks for the memories! Now bring on the next adventure!

Happy Back to School to ya!

Smiles Back to School