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School Branding

Make your school stand out. View our selection of school branding products. If you’re interested in receiving more information about our products or you have a custom design in mind, click request info.

School Pride Program

We are proud to offer a NEW tradition to your school community with custom graphic designed styles displaying your school’s colors or photographs of the iconic places in your school or in your local community.  

ID Cards & Badges

ID Cards make identity verification, controlling access to student activities, library and cafeteria programs a breeze.

  • Identity Verification
  • Access Control to Student Activities
  • Access to Library Resources
  • Entrance to Athletic Facilities

Yearbook Cover

Custom Covers allow you to show your school spirit and make your yearbook unique to your school’s culture.


Leave your mark on both inside pages as well as the cover with a branded planner.

Total School Portrait

The Total School Portrait is a great way to show school spirit and build unity. Each TSP has one large composite photo of all staff members and students.

Awards & Recognition

Acknowledge competition and academic achievements.

Parking Pass

Easily distinguish staff from visitors or students from staff with custom rear-view mirror tags.


Create an inspiring environment, encourage learning & positive character traits with Inter-State Studio Character Posters.

Office Items

Now that you’ve got a handle on your school’s brand, why not add a few items around the office to showcase your mascot or logo?

Business Cards

Your business card should leave a lasting impression.  Let Inter-State help make it as unique as you!


Lead the charge onto the court or field with your school-branded flag.


Proudly display your school’s logo or crest at the entryway for all to see.

School Window Clings

Show your school pride while providing enhanced privacy!  This clever graphic will still allow you to see out of your windows but will make it difficult for the people passing by to see in.