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Inter-State Studio takes a sincere interest in keeping your school a safe place to learn.

ID Cards & Badges

ID Cards & Badges

ID Cards make identity verification, access control to student activities, library and cafeteria programs a breeze. Badges available with pocket clip or special safety break-away neck lanyard.

  • Student Name
  • Grade or Graduation Year
  • School Name
  • School Mascot or Crest
  • Heavy Duty Durable PVC stock or Identithin waterproof, tear-resistant paper stock
  • First or last name in enlarged type increases visibility when used on badges


InfoSpot is a web-based tool that works on any platform to create ID cards and Certificates.

  • No software installation necessary.
  • Brand your school with IDs and Certificates that your staff, students and families will be proud to showcase.
  • Instantly print IDs and Certificates to an on-site printer.

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Operation Child ID

Operation Child ID

An Operation Child ID is a permanent photo record featuring the child’s image. Inter-State Studio provides an Operation Child ID on every Thank You Slip and Second Chance Notice. The Operation Child ID is also available as a downloadable option in a parent’s online account.

Record Photos

Four self-adhesive pre-cut photos on a peel-off sheet. They can be used for several identification and sorting options, offering the ultimate administrative convenience.

  • Perfect for student recognition programs
  • Attach to cumulative record files for easy reference
  • Create photo-illustrated seating charts
  • Perfect for certificates and recognition posters
  • Use on photo roster sheets for library, cafeteria and student activity purposes
  • Ideal for use by teachers and students for classroom projects
  • A substitute teacher’s best friend!

Record Photos