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Sign Up to Receive Picture Day and Yearbook Notifications!

Did you know that you can sign up to be notified via email of your child’s picture days, as well as yearbook sign ups!?!? This works out awesome just in case you might miss the flyer that comes home in their bag or if they decide to use it as a paper airplane on the bus.  It worked like a charm for me this year because I was doing about 10 different things when my son handed me the Yearbook flyer and promptly lost it myself!
Here is how you do it:

  • Go to and sign into your account.  If you do not have one you will need to create one. (Which is handy to have anyway because you can order online and not mess with sending money with your kids!)
  • In the upper right hand corner of the page click on the drop down box and select “Account Settings”.
  • The second line item on this page is “Email Notifications”.  On the right side of this line item select “Change email preferences & schools”.
  • On this page add all of the schools for which you would like to receive notifications.
  • Once you have added your schools, you will receive notifications!!
  • You can also choose to receive notifications about Promotions & Specials.  This includes gift ideas and information on contests to win prizes and grants!

And now you won’t have to worry about digging into the dark abyss, aka your child’s backpack, to hope you stumble upon one of these important reminders!

Have an amazing day!!!