Welcome to the Herd 2016 Edition • Inter-State Studio

Welcome to the Herd 2016 Edition

Welcome to the Herd
Spring is in full swing and so is yearbook season! It’s a busy time of year for yearbook advisors. If you created a yearbook for the 15/16 school year, you should be proud of your work. It’s a great accomplishment!!

If this is your first year producing a yearbook with Inter-State Studio, we would like to officially welcome you to the YERD HERD.

Let me shed a little light on this term…

yerd  /yɘrd/


Any person that takes part in the production, promotion, and selling of a yearbook. Derived from the combination of two root words: Yearbook Nerd.

herd  /hɘrd/


A  group that travels together or shares common goals or interests.

Yerd Herd  /yɘrd/ /hɘrd/

A group that takes part in the production, promotion, and selling of a yearbook.

We have customized tools to help you conduct interviews, brainstorm ideas, plan your layout, and remind students to purchase their yearbook. We offer you all the tools you need to make your yearbook successful.  

It’s key to have a plan in place for your yearbook. We’re here to help with a planning ladder! Decide on the order of your pages and ensure that each member of your herd knows which pages they are responsible for designing.

Sometimes, coming up with creative ideas can be overwhelming. We offer you plenty of ideas to make picking a theme for your yearbook seem less daunting.

Interviews quickly become a big part of the yearbook development process. Keep us in mind when drafting your interview questions and when your staff needs to log interviews.

We are here to help get students involved, create more awareness and to have FUN!

You should feel ever so honored to hold this position of prestige. Being selected for this position means you are responsible, confident, trustworthy, studious, respectful and team-oriented. Now it is up to YOU to gather a herd to help make the yearbook the most exciting part of your school year.