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Yearbook Advisors’ Top 20-21 Yearbook Concerns

Yearbook Advisors’ concerns with doing a yearbook for the 20-21 school year is a common theme Inter-State Studio has heard lately.  Many schools are still dealing with ever changing restrictions, rules and requirements this school year.  Thus, leaving yearbook advisors in limbo on whether or not to move forward with creating a yearbook.  We have taken some of the most common concerns (listed below) that we have heard from our advisors and provided tools, resources and ideas on how to continue forward with a 20-21 yearbook.  Because years like this is the reason we need yearbooks!  Your students, faculty and staff all need a keepsake to remember this historic year.  


Common Concerns From Yearbook Advisors


Homeschool, Virtual Learning

No Fall School Pictures Were Taken 

Many schools weren’t able to have fall portraits taken or haven’t had their portraits taken yet.  If your portraits are upcoming, let’s go ahead and get your software selected.  If your school has opted out of portraits this year, we have some unique and exciting ways to build your class pages.  Check these ideas out in our Virtual School Yearbook Guide




Teacher Messages, Notes to Students

Limited Extra-Curricular Activities & Sports

Has your school limited extra-curricular activities and sports this year?  We have compiled several unique page types that can be added to your yearbook.  Also, consider gathering pictures and content from other faculty, staff, parents and most importantly your students. Consider having faculty and staff write messages to students, interview students about the year and ask parents to submit images from home to include in the yearbook. 





Yearbook Deadlines, CalendarNot Enough Time To Meet Layout Deadlines 

Events and picture days might be scheduled later than normal this year causing issues with being able to meet our spring deadlines.  Don’t let our deadlines keep you from completing a yearbook for this historic year.  Please reach out to your Yearbook Representative about extending deadlines. (Psst…there could also be extra ways to save!)




Yearbook Sales, Yearbook Sales TrackingLimited Book Sales 

Your yearbook sales might have seen a decline this year. Don’t let this stop you from continuing to advertise your book.  We are here to help you sell!  Our Yearbook Toolbox has many resources to help you sell and fundraise.  Did you know you can also submit your parent email contact information and we can send emails to them with direct links to order online?  Contact your Yearbook Representative for more information.