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Fundraising For Your Yearbook

Help lower the cost of your yearbook to your school community by fundraising.  Find great tips and resources below!
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Consider fundraising to help cover the cost of your yearbooks or to help fund your yearbook program. Fundraising can help you upgrade things like cameras and computers.  How great would it be to provide a yearbook to each student at no cost!  Our fundraising tips and ideas can make this possible! 

Create Something To Sell

Think Holiday-Grams! Make and sell simple bags of candy with cute cards for students to buy and send to their friends. Other ideas include holding a bake sale at large school events or sponsoring an art auction where you auction off student artwork.

Host a School Carnival

Proceeds from ticket sales will go toward your yearbook and you will have a great time. If you all work together and pool your resources, you can come up with some inexpensive games to play. Ask local businesses and the community to donate small prizes.

Hold a School Car Wash

This tried-and-true fundraiser has stood the test of time. It’s a great summer activity to help you build up your budget.

Host a School Community Movie Night

Sponsor a movie night at your school. Sell simple refreshments like drinks, popcorn and candy. Local businesses might even be willing to help sponsor the night by donating some of the refreshments.

yearbook contest
Enter a Yearbook Contest to win $$

Enter the Inter-State Studio Yearbook Legacy Contest for your chance to WIN $500 to put towards your yearbook program.

Go to to find out more about the rules and regulations and how to submit your book for a chance to win!

These are the easiest type of ads to sell since they are being sold to parents, teachers and loved ones of the students. It’s a fun way for them to leave a message of encouragement and congratulations for achievements to be looked back on for years to come. There are several ways to structure these ads to fit into your yearbook design. Consider offering tier pricing for each size option and be sure to clearly communicate the pricing when selling these ads.


  • Offer discounted ad prices if purchased early.
  • Reach out to graduating class members and parents individually.
  • Offer ad samples as a starting point for parents.
  • Set a character limit so you know exactly how many ads you can fit on a
    page or to ensure that the text fits within the ad space.
  • If offering picture ads, make sure to give specs on picture size
    and submission deadlines.

Give businesses in the area an opportunity to reach local students and parents with a message, while supporting your yearbook program and school. It’s a win-win for both your school and the business.

Like Parent Ads, these can be offered with the same ad size options:
Business Card, Quarter Page, Half Page and Full Page.

Again, be clear on the pricing structure for each ad size before approaching your local businesses.


  • Prepare your sales team with scripts for approaching local businesses.
  • Send along paperwork showing the ad options.
  • Make personal visits to the places of business versus sending an email
    or making a phone call. Your sales team will see the difference!
  • Use this as an opportunity to teach your students about sales by setting
    a goal for them to reach.