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Yearbooks Are Here To Stay!

In this digital world, where we keep memories on drives or somewhere within a magical cloud, you may wonder if it is worth creating a printed yearbook for students. We can assure you that it is, and here are some reasons why…

1. Digital Media is flaky.

In just your own lifetime, think about how many ways you have saved pictures and documents. It’s almost overwhelming to think about the hundreds and thousands of pictures floating around out there that you may or may not be able to retrieve. Many methods of saving digital pictures are now obsolete, and it may be hard to find the equipment to transfer the images into more current storage.

2. Own it!

When a person purchases a printed yearbook, they then own that print and can keep it for as long as they decide. Stored images in a cloud or in a digital yearbook can only be viewed as long as the company that hosts them stays in business.

3. Yearbooks appeal to the senses.

A yearbook is tangible. We are so overloaded with emails, e-cards, etc. that it’s refreshing to have memories in a form that we can pick up and show off. Students can pass them around for their friends to sign in their own handwriting. It feels like a more special experience, and that’s because it is.

4. Yearbooks are a gift.

Unlike a digital yearbook, a printed yearbook feels like a gift. You wait eagerly for them to arrive, and then a year of precious memories is placed in your hands.

5. The lesson is in the creation.

The yearbook project itself can be very educational and rewarding. Yearbook students learn to work together on a common goal. It’s a fun way to teach students about editing and proofing, organization, photography, graphic design, sales, budgeting and much more.

Yearbooks have been around for many years and will continue to be a great way to capture memories of important times in our lives. While digital yearbooks can be a nice, portable version, it is always better to have the real thing.   The same can be said for other traditional books. Here’s what the Wall Street Journal has to say about it.

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