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yearbook customization

Make your yearbook stand out by making customized choices. We offer options from binding type to student personalization that will add style and a unique touch to any yearbook.

Examples Of The Different Binding Options: Spiral, Hardback, Perfect Bind, and Saddle Stitch


Choose a binding style that fits the needs of your school.

  • Saddle Stitch : Most popular among elementary school yearbooks, this 3-staple binding is the free, standard option for all soft cover yearbooks.  This cost effective choice is perfect for books with 80 pages or less
  • Perfect Bind : this attractive and durable softcover binding uses glue to hold your pages secure.  It is perfect for those who want the look of hardback but not the cost.
  • Spiral : Add a color spiral coil to bind your pages together. This is an exciting and durable option that is popular with students.
  • Hardback : The ultimate binding option; your pages are stitched together and then cased inside the cover to protect your yearbook memories for a lifetime. This option requires a minimum of 56 pages and additional production time is required.


We offer several choices when it comes to lamination.

  • Classic: Comes standard with the hardback cover option and adds durability and a glossy look to your cover.
  • Satin: A luxurious, non-glare option that adds a smooth look and soft texture to your cover.
  • UV Coating: This environmentally friendly option gives your cover a glossy look and proves higher clarity to images while protecting your yearbook cover.
  • Spot UV: Highlights graphic elements and adds texture by adding a clear gloss to certain parts of your cover.  We recommend combining Spot UV with our satin lamination. (Shown in the image to the right.)

Student Personalization Sample

Student Personalization

Choose to add each student’s name to the cover of their yearbook. Include their photo* with the name to make it extra special. Parents and students alike will love having their yearbook personalized. Include this option on all books or as few as one. It is up to you!

*Photography must be provided by Inter-State Studio to use photo personalization.

Foil Embossing

Add foil to your school name or student name personalization. It is the perfect touch of glamour every yearbook needs.

Foil Embossing
Example Of Time-Trek Which Gives A Timeline Of The School Year

Time Trek

Remember all the exciting events of the year by ordering Time Trek. This 8-page, full-color year-in-review captures memorable events in news, music, entertainment and sports.

Autograph Pages

One of the best parts about owning a yearbook is looking back on what friends wrote on the autograph pages. Add our 8-page, full color autograph supplement. It can be bound inside your book or sent as a stand-alone supplement.

Autograph Pages