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When you are ready to start designing your yearbook pages, choose a yearbook design program that fits your needs and abilities. We offer a suite of options to satisfy every style of yearbook design, from drag-and-drop to fully customized. Talk to your representative to try them out and read more about each option below.

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PLIC Books

PLIC Books is a Cloud-based yearbook design program that features intuitive tools for easy page creation. With a more open page-build style, you can see who is active within pages and work together. The functionality of this program is seamless and very user-friendly. You won’t believe how easy it is to build a yearbook using PLIC Books.


Pixami Yearbook Pro is an easy solution for yearbook creation. If you are looking for a tool that was built with yearbook advisors in mind, this is the program for you. Pages are easily designed and managed, and Pixami offers modern themes and templates to flow directly into your book.  It’s the perfect combination of organization and creation.

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Memento Yearbook

Memento Yearbook

Memento Yearbook is a cloud-based design program allows you the flexibility to work on your yearbook any place with internet access.  This is the perfect design tool for those looking for a little more freedom in their design while still offering great collaborative tools to make team-built yearbooks a breeze.