Copyright Law Reminder • Inter-State Studio

Copyright Law Reminder

When designing your yearbook or yearbook cover please remember some images are protected by U.S. Copyright Laws. 

Copyrighted Materials

Books, Magazines, Movies, Sports Logos, and Video Games are all great resources for ideas and inspiration, but remember they are protected by U.S. Copyright Laws.

Use your creativity to adapt your favorite layouts, characters and other design ideas to create something COMPLETELY NEW & ORIGINAL to you!

If you would like to use someone’s work in your yearbook, that is protected by U.S. Copyright Laws, we ask that you obtain permission to use the material within your yearbook or on the cover.

Please include A COPY OF THE PERMISSION LETTER with your submitted yearbook layout or to your Sales Representative.


  • Professional Sports Logos
  • Disney Clip Art
  • Dr Seuss Clip Art
  • Images from Movies
  • Video Game Backgrounds & Characters
  • Cartoons

If you have any questions or concerns about using an image in your yearbook, please contact your Sales Representative for more information.