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Yearbook Themes & design

Creating a theme that begins with your cover and continues throughout your pages is a great way to design a beautiful yearbook. If you are not sure where to start, we provide you with ideas and clip art to help you choose a theme.

Using Clipart to Create a Theme

Using Clipart to Create a Theme

Use your cover as a starting point, and carry your theme throughout your book with clipart, backgrounds and borders. We create clipart each year for all of our standard covers to help you create the perfect look. 

Theme Ideas

Having trouble coming up with the perfect theme for your yearbook? If you didn’t see anything that worked for you in our standard cover selection, try our list of themes. You are sure to find something you like.

yearbook theme ideas
yearbook page layout ideas

Page Layout Ideas

Page design is really important when it comes to keeping your yearbook style current. That’s why we have compiled examples of how to lay out portrait pages, candid pages and more! Create your pages just like these or use them as inspiration for your own templates.