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How to Make Yearbooks

Inter-State Studio & Publishing Co. is more than just a yearbook publisher.  We are here to help you throughout the entire yearbook design process by providing you with resources and tips each step of the way.  

Design a Yearbook Cover

The first step to making a great yearbook is to pick a theme that will flow from the cover to the last page.  Each year we offer a selection of 30 FREE STANDARD COVERS. Our cover selection includes designs that you can simply add your school name to, while others offer the opportunity to customize with your school colors and/or images from the school year.  For each standard cover we design a series of clip art, backgrounds, borders and page headers, so your theme can effortlessly flow through each page of your book.

If none of our standard covers match your theme for the year we can guide you through creating your own custom cover.

Choose a Yearbook Design Program

What about building the actual book you might ask?  We currently have four design programs you can select from that range in skill level from beginner to advanced.  Our portfolio of software includes: Plic BooksPixami Yearbook ProDigital 300 and Yearbook Fusion. Our representatives can help you navigate which yearbook design programwill work best for you.  

Yearbook Design Resources

Inter-State Studio also provides many resources that will help you throughout the yearbook designing process from planning your pages, photo tips, design ideas and selecting a theme. These items can be found in our online Yearbook Toolbox.  You can also find more tips and tools by visiting our blog.  Be sure to check out all of these helpful resources on your journey to creating a great yearbook for your school!   

When you have your book designed and ready to go we simply need you to approve the book and upload the files within your design software.  Once we have your final file we will print, bind and deliver to your school.

If you need any assistance with designing your yearbook, our representatives are here to help you throughout the entire yearbook process.  You can always contact us at 1-800-451-0507.