When Do Yearbooks Come Out? • Inter-State Studio

When Do Yearbooks Come Out?

The delivery of yearbooks is different for each school and Inter-State Studio tries our best to accommodate your needs to the best of our abilities.  We have two categories of yearbooks: (1) Spring Books and (2) Summer Books. Spring books will typically be delivered before the end of school so they can be distributed before students are dismissed for the summer.  These books provide the opportunity for an end-of-the-year signing party. Our Summer Books are published/printed over the summer months and are delivered by the beginning of the following school year. They provide the opportunity to include all events throughout the school year like prom, graduation, spring sports championships, etc.  The decision is up to the school on which type of book works best for them.

Submit Your Yearbook

Once your final book is submitted to us, it takes roughly five weeks for a softcover book and six weeks for a hardback book order to be delivered to you. 

Yearbook Delivery

All yearbook orders are shipped using FedEx Ground shipping and shipping times are included in the timelines mentioned above.  We shrink wrap softcover books in groups prior to shipping and we use double-walled boxes sized for hardcover books to protect the books during shipping.  

Plan Your Yearbook Distribution Day

Once you have your expected delivery date be sure you are ready for distribution day.  Plan how you will distribute yearbooks so the process is quick and organized. Also, don’t forget to plan your yearbook signing party at the end of the year.  This is a great way to create excitement for your yearbook and encourage additional sales.

Remember to Meet Deadlines

As always, it is important not to miss any of the yearbook deadlines as this may delay the delivery of your books.  If you have any questions or concerns about your delivery date always communicate with your Inter-State Studio customer service representative.  They are your source for all your yearbook needs. Contact them at 1-800-451-0507.