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Selling Your Yearbook

Find great resources, tools and tips below to help you sale your yearbook to your school community! 

Get Started Selling Your Yearbook 

Inter-State Studio has developed the tools and resources to help you sell.  We have several tools to help promote and easily track yearbook sales to your school community.  Find more about each of these resources below: 
Yearbook Sales
The Online Yearbook Sales Tracker

Keeping track of and managing your online sales has never been so easy! With Inter-State Studio’s custom sales site, we manage it for you.  This online tool gives you, the advisor, the capability to: 

  • Easily Review Online Sales
  • Record Flyer Sales & Payments
  • View a Summary of All Sales 
  • Run & Export Reports 


If you haven’t received your login information, contact your Yearbook Representative and they will send you your account information. 

Ready to start reviewing your online sales and recording flyer sales?  Log in here

Yearbook Marketing Materials

We have designed marketing materials for your school and most are free, so order enough for your entire school.  Contact your Yearbook Representative today about these materials.  They are a perfect foundation to start your sales campaign. 

  • Order Forms
  • Hall Posters
  • Stickers


We also have additional flyers and hall posters that you can print for additional reminders or to have on hand for any school events you may want to advertise or sell yearbooks at. 

Printable Flyer 

Printable Hall Poster 

Yearbooks on Sale
Yearbook Graphics

Inter-State Studio offers a wide variety of graphics for you to use on social media posts, your school website, email, hallway monitors and more! 

Find these fun graphics here.

Email Templates

We have found that email communication is a very effective and easy tool for boosting sales.  To remind parents that yearbooks are on sale, download a quick and easy email template to paste into your email tools. 

Find an email template here

Each student deserves to remember each school year for a lifetime with a yearbook.  That is why we recommend shouting it from the mountain tops when ‘Yearbooks Are On Sale!’ 

Okay, maybe not from the mountain tops, but the more times you can offer your students and parents the opportunity to order a yearbook, the more sales you will see. 

  1. Timing:  Start early in the year with your sales campaign when the excitement for the school year has just started! 
  2. Tiered Pricing: Bolster early sales by offering a discount if books are purchased by a certain date. 
  3. Back-to-School Packets:  Include an order form or information about your yearbook in the back-to-school packet handed out at back-to-school night or during the first few days of school. 
  4. Social Media Posting:  Does your school have a Facebook Page, Instagram or Twitter?  Use these tools to your advantage and post about yearbooks being on sale.  Include a direct link to your online order page in your post to really make it simple for your parents to order! 
  5. Email or Text Campaign:  Most schools collect email addresses and phone number from parents.  Your school secretary can most likely help you with sending out communication to this group.   Tip: We HIGHLY recommend this type of communication to help drive sales. 
  6. Free Marketing Materials:  Take advantage of and use the free marketing materials Inter-State Studio will send to you.  This includes order forms, posters and more! 
  7. Offer Incentives: Drive sales by offering incentives like pizza or ice cream parties to the class that has the highest percentage of yearbook sales. 
  8. School Event Nights:  Pick a few of the busiest or most popular events at your school and set up a table to sell additional books. 

Tip:  Don’t feel like you have to do all of this alone.  Ask for help! There are always parents and other faculty and staff members ready to jump in and help.  Don’t be afraid to delegate!