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Rebook Your Yearbook With Inter-State Studio


Yearbook AgreementYearbook season is upon us! Each spring, our team here at Inter-State Studio gets excited when your yearbooks start arriving to be printed and finished.  The creativity that our advisors and their teams come up with each year astounds us!  It also gets us thinking about and even more excited for the following school year…  

Each March, we kick off our annual Rebooking Campaign, which offers you great deals and savings for your next year’s yearbook.  Our best deals and savings are available and valid through April 30th.   Don’t delay and contact your Representative today to see what savings we have for your 2021-2022 yearbook. 

Here are our top reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to Rebook now! 

  1. Get our best deals and pricing when you rebook with us early in the spring.  Discounts start decreasing after April 30, 2021. 
  2. Renewing in the spring gets this annual yearbook task checked off the list early.  There is no worry in the end-of-the-year shuffle or over your summer vacation. 
  3. With things slowly getting back to normal, why not start early on planning your 21-22 yearbook! 

Check in with your Inter-State Representative today to check on your savings and discounts or complete our rebooking agreement online!  

Don’t forget when rebooking your yearbook to inquiry about our customization options to make your 21-22 yearbook unique!  You can check out these great options here.   Be sure to consider adding Time Trek as a supplement to your book.  This is a great supplement that is added in your book that students can look back on in years to come to see all the major world events of the year.   

Now is also the perfect time to assess how your current yearbook software is working for you.  Inter-State offers a great suite of options to meet every skill level and creative need you may have.   Our Representatives can walk you through the options and which may work best for you!